Collaboration Re-Engineered TM

Multiple teams, multiple projects, across multiple time-zones.
Teeme is a tool for the New World of Work.

Teeme is designed for effective team collaboration for small focused single teams to distributed multi-disciplinary teams (employees, partners, suppliers and even customers - in different places and time zones). It also addresses key commercial concerns in managing collaboration namely trust management, transparency and traceability. Learn more

Businesses need to collaborate both internally and externally. For historical reasons we are still using personal productivity tools in team environments. Typically this means that we individually create content and then share collectively using email. Learn more

The features of Teeme

Atomic Collaboration
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New World of Work
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The 3Ts - Trust, Transparency & Traceability
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Language Agnostic
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Blurring Time!
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Full Collaboration Spectrum
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Security by Design
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Choice of Clouds
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Beyond Task List
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About Us

Teeme is a product of Team Beyond Borders Pty Ltd (TBB). A technology company which was founded to explore opportunities in media and collaboration space in the context of convergence, Web 2.0 and social media/technologies. Our initial focus has been enterprise collaboration - a space which is going through a huge restructure and regeneration. From technology perspective Inbox driven collaboration has been around for quite a while and the social technology driven models are being experimented. Globalization is forcing businesses to partner with other businesses to increase value proposition. To gain competitive advantage businesses need to collaborate effectively internally and externally - often including clients and customers. In this 24x7 always-connected-but-never-available world the very nature of work and its relationship with individuals are being redefined and evolved. As the company name suggest we enable enterprises to team beyond borders (internal departmental silos, multi-disciplinary teams, partners and suppliers eco-system, clients and customers at different places in different time-zones)!

Teeme is our product for this New World of Work. Teeme enables effective collaboration through distributed co-creation.

Teeme = Team + Meme. A tool enabling evolution of ideas within teams.

TBB is based in Sydney, Australia and has an office in Indore, India.


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